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QSO with OK7GU


How I operate my Ham Radios?

I have foure QTH sites for my operation

1.     Home QTH Plzeň JN69QQ
2.     2nd QTH Holýšov JN69NO
3.     Remote QTH Krkavec JN69QT
4.     Remote QTH Žandov JN79NU


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1.     Home QTH Plzeň JN69QQ

Panaroma view - part of my ham-radio room. In the middle 2x K3 for remote controll of my remote QTH's



Actual antenna setup (no picture)
- Mosley PRO-67C 40-10m beam
- G0KSC SC6-4-11D 50/70MHz dual band 11el. antenna
- 2M12 M2 antenna for 2m

My older setup:
Mosley PRO67C (40-10m) and 6M5 M2 6m configuration with my home tower in Plzen.
Skewed wire going down from top = Half Sloper for 80m
The whole tower is shunt feed loaded for 160m
Winter 2008                                                         Ice in November 12th, 2011


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2.     2nd QTH Holýšov JN69NO

There I have only the vertical antenna AV-640 from HY-GAIN for FT-897 TCVR for local QSOs.
For DX I can controll from this QTH my remote sites.
I have here two K3/0 from Elecraft, two remoterig.com boxes and all necessary softwares with all switches controll.
For remote output power control I use the LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter.
I use the YO3DMU PstRotator Software for rotator control of  4 my rotatable antennas at QTH nr.3. 

With this setup I can fully controll my remote sites (see below). 


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3.     Remote QTH Krkavec JN69QT

More pictures on my Facebook pages

My main remotelly controlled QTH at 504MASL near Plzen. 
My tower is at the right side.  At the left side is the TV tower with many antennas.

At the top of my tower is the biggest PRO96S for 40/30/20/17/15/12/10m from Mosley.
3m under an 5m left is the 2M12 antenna from M2. Both rotatable.
From the tower goes 160 / 80 /60m inverted V wire antenna central feeded.

At the roof of the building is 6m antenna, another 2m antenna and long 70cm 38el. antenna from M2.

Site is full remotelly controlled. Rig is Elecraft K3 + Expert 1,3kW PA
For 2m I have the DB6NT TR144H+40 transverter with Beko 600Wout transistor PA.
For 70cm the DB6NT TR432H transverter with Beko 350W out transistor PA.
Transverter Switch Unit is the TR6SW from DB6NT, IF is the Elecraft K3 TCVR.

A helicopter view (Robinson H44 piloted by me) of my site 



Ground view 



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4.     Remote QTH Žandov JN79NU

My large antenna system for DXing. Top of the tower is at 65m above ground. 
Located 550MASL. Switchable system for 4 main directions  40 / 130 / 220 / 310 deg.
Equipment: Elecraft K3 + driver + OK7GU made PA with 2x SRS457 (5kV/1A).
Not shown in near area is 7 Beverages for RX (35/215deg, 85/265deg, 150/330deg, 195deg) 


Another view with full lenght 160m / 80m four square dipoles: