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QSO with OK7GU


QRO 160 / 80m remotely controlled PA by OK7GU  (2011)

For my remotely controlled QTH I needed a robust, reliable, remotely controlled powerfull PA for 160 and 80m.

The best way to get one was to construct a PA by myself....


After some time I evolve this unique product:

- Using 2pcs of SRS457 reliable robust tubes, Ua=5kV, Ia=1A, 3kW out

- 100% Remotely Controlled with On/Off switching, heating, band switching (160m, 80m CW, 80m SSB) and remote indication

- Robust Power Supply with 3 powerfull three-phase (3x400V) toroidal main transformators and six-pulse bridge rectifiers, no elyts


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